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Two Christmas parades and Weirton area

Dear Liberty,

Last night we finished our 2nd of 13 Christmas parades. We are in 3 parades and visiting 10 others to hand out literature. I have only come across one democrat after 2 days who wasn't interested in taking anything. Ironically the 3 other democrats I met going door to door all said they were voting for Trump and myself. I've found a few who say nice things about Mooney and I've found one who said they liked the governor but they won't vote for them. As soon as I let them know Mooney has been their 20 years they were shocked but others have questioned if he still lives in Maryland and then label him as a do nothing representative. I often get told I have an uphill battle but if I can get my name out isn't is just a walk in the park? Given the choice between Justice and a swamp monster from DC and a fresh conservative republican from the private sector who would you choose? I'd even vote for myself, mostly because of the term limit thing. Otherwise if it were just between Justice and Mooney I'd hold my nose and vote for Alex. But maybe not. In the last election I voted for my wife for several write in names because I knew the candidate wasn't good. I voted for Marshall for governor, it would be nice if he could win and really spin things up in WV in the state. Again the republicans are the problem. They hold so much power but they act like rhinos and spend spend spend! How the state and national GOP don't come in and take them out to the shed I have no idea!

You've probably figured out I'm very old school American. I would campaign dressed in revolutionary garb if I could but I'm in my campaign sweatshirt and jeans. I find the best conversations I have had with voters are at VFW's and other establishments that serve alcohol. People really want to know how you feel on certain things. If my two opponents entered to say hello it would not be pretty. People are angry and they feel betrayed. When I get through my personal introduction and that like them I am tired and angry about the quality of our elected officials I usually get a firmer second hand shake or a more laser focused eye to eye and encouraging words of support. Some want to check out this website more but most are now a solid voter for my campaign and I am honored. Any one who would vote for you should make you feel honored. Voting is behind the 2nd Amendment I believe our most precious gift from God. Yes it comes from God not man. We only put it down on paper as we were inspired by the Almighty.

Last night a mother asked me to talk to his son about the importance of voting. I went at him through his pocketbook first and talked about what the federal government does to 30-40% of his paycheck. Then I told him about the young men his age during the late 1700's who were in uniform huddled around a small fire on a cold and windy night like last night. I told them that too many young men like that died to give us the ability to vote and not be slaves of the King of England. It is our sacred duty to honor those sacrifices of our founding heroes. My most of kids aren't old enough to imagine that but many a young lad my son's age were drummer boys in battle would might have picked up a rifle and protected the flag and wounded soldiers from the red coats.

Liberty, you'd be proud. I still haven't found anyone who will vote for the other 2. Maybe some are just nice but I know campaigns, in another life many years ago I lived and breathed them every day. I also know people and anger creates very honest people. The damage these two other men have done to our state and these people cannot be repaired no matter how hard they will try. No one will believe any promises. It is easy to look people in the eye and let them know I won't serve more than 1-2 terms so I won't be there long enough to get corrupted or to piss them off. I also want them to keep 100% of their income and that government doesn't exist to "do good" for them. They are no different then I am. We are just ordinary folks as one gentleman said to me that ordinary people like myself need to rise up everywhere. I can't wait for some more local stories today and meet some new faces. Stay warm Liberty, there is a cold over America right now and freedom that is biting to the bone and it means to get darker before freedom wins.

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