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Wednesday, March 21st, 2024


Hon Stone - Founder/Director

For Immediate Release:

The Council on American Exceptionalism is proud to announce its endorsement of Bryan McKinney for United States Senate in the great state of West Virginia

The Council is one of the leading organizations in Maricopa County, Arizona. We are committed to supporting candidates that share our respect for Natural Rights. The position of Senator is vital to supporting the freedoms we all enjoy. It is for this reason that we fully endorse Candidate Bryan McKinney as our US Senator of West Virginia. 

We have analyzed Mr. McKinney's experience, political philosophy, knowledge of issues facing the country, positions, Constitutionality, and history. Throughout this process he has demonstrated an instinctual understanding of the gift of freedom that God has given us.


We encourage all citizens to join us in supporting Bryan McKinney for United States Senate. 

For more information on Bryan McKinney, please see his website

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