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Oh Lady Liberty Where have you gone? (My version of Rich Men North of Richmond)

Dear Miss Lady Liberty, Oh how I miss you

Where have you gone, come back I pray

I work three jobs just to keep the tax man away

Can't hit the bottle no more cuz of so little pay

Thanks to them tyrants down in Charleston

Oh Lady Liberty please keep the tax man away

Wish old Honest Abe was still here today

For all us regular folks not them rich folks

Wish there were those term limits to help

I work and sweat all day

Where's that freedom they promised back in the day?

These swamp career politicians spend all my gold

Tax my milk, diapers, and hay

How's a good old boy like me expected to live

When half of all my work is just erased away?

Cuz there's bad men in Charleston and DC

China owns all the farms all around and the local businesses too

Them illegals took all them jobs for the local crews

Our hero vets treated like dirt so many in tents on our hometown streets

Where the justice in this God? Oh lady liberty

We need term limits to limit these crooks who ride around

in big armed chevys with guns and no ammo for us local folks

to protect us from the bad government wokes

Time to read up on that old Constitution again

What can we do Lady Liberty when there's completely no hope?

Will this nightmare every go away or are we stuck this way?

These drugs are flowing all over our schools and them rich

folks in charge are nothing but fools

Boys told their girls and girls told their furby cats

Where's God and our American flag in those schools?

More of our money right down the drain

Kids have no hope cuz there aren't any jobs except

the seven eleven picking up trash

Lady Liberty where has it all gone?

Big Jim Justice the tyrant can't stand to help out

some fat little dog is what it's all about

Alex Mooney the King of 22 years thinks he has more career

spending trillions more and illegal trips to Aruba and more

Where's the honor in congress from John Adams and crew

Maybe its time to tell the establishment to pack up

To give freedom and liberty a good chance

We are all that is left of hope in the world but bad men

and women want another war to feed their wallets some more

Dear Lord I pray that you bring us those Term Limits today

Give us some hope for our servants once more

Send those crooks like Justice and Mooney right out the door

Oh Lady Liberty, I'll fight for you still

please come back and show us the way

Our children need a home not slavey again

Wake up West Virginia and vote don't stay away

and let those establishment types stay!

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