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If you can't debate or take the heat, turn off the comments on your videos!

Dear Liberty,

Go to youtube and look at campaign videos from Mooney and Justice. They comments are turned off! I've seen on facebook recently lots of heated arguments when candidates ban people from their pages because they ask too many questions and don't like the heat. Well then don't run for office if you can't take criticism from the voters is my opinion. I'm at the Morgantown gun show meeting potential voters. I've been sharing a new thought with folks when it is appropriate. I don't believe in gun registration but I think guns shouldn't have serial numbers on it. I was watching a new Liam Niesen movie on the way here on Friday night. It was an old fashioned hollywood detective movie. In a scene a copy who knows Liam's character gives him a pistol and comments "heaven help us if they ever do anything with these serial numbers on the guns." I was speaking with a gentleman yesterday about this and he brought up a scene from Red Dawn when the invading army was going through gun registration paperwork to account for guns and they were able to track gun owners to their homes to confiscate the threat. So to me only a tyrannical government or group would ever use serial numbers to come after law abiding citizens. Bad guys will always cheat so let the good guys have an even playing field and not be persecuted against. I'll assume that all gun owners who buy guns legally will and not hurt innocent people. Let's trust good people and spend our energy stopping real criminals.

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