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Campaigning in Chester, WV

Dear Liberty,

I just finished my first day of campaigning door to door to meet business owners in the most northern part of West Virginia. It is beautiful everywhere in the state. I met so many wonderful people today. I even have my first Democrat who has committed to voting for me. I wasn't expecting that but I'll take every legal vote I can! One thing is certain, Jim justice, and Alex Mooney are not liked anywhere. It is clear that the Republican establishment of West Virginia has done a great job destroying the good name of the Republican Party. Voters are simply finished with supporting rhinos and career politicians. I was told that no federal candidate has ever ventured up to where I was today. I spoke with veterans at the VFW and the American Legion. It was a little exciting hearing about some of their great service to our nation. That being said they're being treated very poorly by government. The taxes on veteran retirement is ridiculous. I have a long road ahead of me simply letting people know there is another choice. A new ball came out just the other day and had me at about 2%. That's not bad for less than 2 weeks work. What I don't know is who the heck are they talking to that are enthusiastic about Justice and Mooney. I have yet to meet one of these special people. My family and I are at the Wellspring Christmas parade tonight and will be handing out literature to people on the sidewalk. I'll try to grab a picture or two to share. Although today was taxing physically I am in good spirits. No one told me to go away or that they were voting for the Democrat candidate or my opponents. You'd think at least the people I'm running against would be half decent so that people would tell you they don't know because there's several good candidates to choose from. I wish it were the case in this primary. I woulsnt even be running if it were.

Last night we spent our first Thanksgiving as a family at a restaurant rather than when our home. We were on the road traveling so we could campaign this weekend. I rather would have slaved over a grilled turkey but this campaign requires a lot of personal sacrifice. I have to re-budget priorities so that I can have enough gas money to drive around the state to meet you and other voters. I'd rather be home on this cold evening watching movies with my kids but their freedom is much too important.I'm sure you've heard that famous quote, if not now when, and if not me who? We certainly have been putting the wrong people as our elected officials and most of what is not so good about America right now just because of these people. Government has broken freedom, hope, and prosperity. A free people did not do that to themselves.

That was challenged today by a pharmacist when he heard my website name. He said don't make promises you can't keep. I told him that if we don't have serious goals, we won't be taken seriously. There's been simply too much compromise for too long and it has gotten us nowhere except less free. He equated all of the political bureaucracy of the pharmaceutical world to the taxation in this country. Change has to begin somewhere. Why not now, and why not today? If things are really as bad as people believe and we do nothing but watch, no one except us is to blame for what comes.

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