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Webster county meet the candidate event

Dear Liberty,

Oh, what a day! I went to my first meet the candidates day in Webster county. I was the only US Senate candidate there, Mooney sent a young volunteer to help. I want to first mention that his campaign keeps sending boys to do a man's job. I'm ok with anyone supporting who they like but I've been to two events now where his volunteers have been about 16 years of age. Maybe that is because it is really hard to find adults who will vote for him. It is now 100% clear that almost no veterans in our state will vote for him. The dislike of Mooney from these veterans is real and serious. In fact I summed it up to someone today that had this been 50 years ago and the congressman showed up at a VFW that there might have been a lynching. Think about that, our heroes are that opposed to a sitting congressman! During the speech by Mooney's young supporter he used a very clever but popular DC statement that "we have come too far to turn back now." I even remember Hillary Clinton using this phrase. What it basically means is that a career politician has do so much that we don't want to get rid of them.

During this even a state candidate from that area spoke and talked about vaccines. Of course I had to be myself and as I told my wife tonight, I turned the battleship (my opinionated self) right at the guy regarding vaccines. I basically asked him if he supported the forced vaccination of public school students in West Virginia even knowing we have zero ability to sue these companies if our children are injured or die. I brought up that DC even has a multi-million dollar fund to pay out for vaccine injuries. I said that we home school and that my children are legally allowed to participate in athletics but that the government wants to force my kids to get 30-40 shots to be up to date just to play soccer. This guy basically said that because he believes vaccines are good that yes government can force people to do that. I really let him have it and said he would never have my vote. What is so amazing is that every other candidate for office that spoke made it a point to let the room know how much for medical freedom and vaccine choice they all were because of my question. I'll make sure to bring up this story at my next event.

I spoke with 3 of the biggest rino republicans in West Virginia who are running to continue their long careers in politics. I made no friends with this group of people who all tried to justify all the good they were doing and it is too much of a risk to get a bad republican or someone who wasn't part of their plan in power. I said in front of many people that I would take a democrat who lives by term limits over a career republican any day because we can't always win and at least with that democrat or a liberal republican who lives by term limits that the people can have faith in the system more than this good old boy system of career selfish politicians.

During my talk I gave to the group I brought up that my 2 opponents are the possibly the two worst republican candidates in the country that are out of touch with the common voter. 22 years is way to long and I would ask Mr. Mooney if given the chance how long he thinks is ok to continue running for office. One last thing, an older gentleman who just got into state government as an appointment brought me aside and said that I was right, that our state GOP is so corrupt that he couldn't even believe it until he started serving. Term limits will reduce that damage because all the career folks will need a new job after 2-3 terms and that is what freedom deserves and needs to stay healthy.

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