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The first of many tours and a rhino alert!

Dear Liberty,

I finished up my first door to door tour in the northern neck of West Virginia. That area was once booming but government taxation and bad regulations on energy companies have turned once vibrant cities into small shadows of their once great selves. I was told by a life long coal miner that what really killed the industry was that 30% of all profits were whisked away for "clean" initiatives. We all know that money went into the pockets of people instead. I'm all for making the burning and mining of coal and other natural resources cleaner but that will never end. We will always come up with new ways to make mining and burning fuel better for the environment. We should not have that dictated by heavy taxes from government. Again government is the villain that has destroyed so much. I drove around these towns and could imagine life when industry was booming. I believe we can get back to that. We should cease all trade with China and other communist countries immediately. They are the enemy of all free people.

I was upset to come home to a fundraising letter from Protect Freedom PAC. They are a rhino political organization raising money for their handpicked candidates. They want us to send our money to Georgia to promote Mooney. Mooney has been a swamp rat for 20 years. No one I have met of the several thousand people will vote for him. I will continue to call out rhino groups pretending to be for the people. Don't give a cent to Protect Freedom or ANY group who has so quickly endorsed a candidate even before the ballot. So many groups will rush in and do that. You'll see most of them support Justice or Mooney. I don't want their endorsement, I want the people's vote.

The last place I visited was a VFW and the commander there was very nice and professional. He listened to my short talk and immediately asked me to meet everyone with his blessing I spent about 45 minutes talking to many members. It is nice to watch these once majestic heroes in the military as they move towards their twilight years. It brings back memories of my own family members who were veterans. Lots of stories from them and many questions on what I would do if I were in DC.

Earlier in the day after meeting a republican he asked me after about 10-15 seconds if "That's it." I said politics should be that simple and easy, or at least candidates seeking their vote. I try and keep it very simple. I am a small business owner and work in the private sector. I believe in term limits for all federal offices, I'm pro-life and pro-gun. I want people to keep 100% of their income and pay a small sales tax of 3% on only new products, nothing used. That would eliminate about 95% of all federal spending.

I've met a few other democrats who started voting republican during the Obama years and have given me their voice support for their vote. I am humbled and honored that people will cast their vote for me to speak on their behalf. I will be loud and firm that this game DC has been playing for so long is over if I have anything to do with it. I will say this, Mooney, you are losing votes by the day. People are telling me that you are giving them robo calls 2x a week. They are so sick and tired of this crap that you pretend to be for them. You are for big government and will serve as many terms as you can con your way into. I hope I can reach enough people to let them know there is an alternative. I'll serve and then go home. I'll set an example for others to live by - that career politicians have no more place in this country. I am beginning to understand that some of the senators I thought I admired are willing to sell out to support Mooney. But the scariest thing of all is, that perhaps they were always part of the swamp and now show their true colors. How many times have those few I thought were different voted to keep the lights on in DC when a firm No was what the people deserved? Even if I'm the only one there who speaks truth and stands for freedom I will do so. I hope to inspire others who are there that we can stand together united and make government for the people again and not for the machine.

If you can do one thing for me. Pray, pray that enough good people find my campaign and will donate enough for me to get my message out to the people. No man is free if he is taxed. I believe we can eventually get to the point where no tax is needed to keep a minimally functioning government and keep freedom at her strongest. A pipe dream you say? Well so is this experiment called America. We were never meant to beat the British. We were destined to lose and go silently into the night as just a small spot in history. But by the hand of God we prevailed. Now we need to step and save what little we have left.

As you know I wonder a lot about George Washington and imagine seeing him in the revolutionary war. I can picture him looking out at his cold and tired soldiers, quietly asking God to give him just one more day to try and make freedom for the people. I often feel overwhelmed because of the ridiculous treasure chests that my opponents have collected. I'll keep working hard until the end and it is up to God to see this through. Never live a day without thanking the almighty for your freedom. It was earned by the shedding of our blood but it is still a gift from God.

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