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The Fairmont gun show and some shock!

Dear Liberty,

I am winding down from a day talking to potential voters at the Fairmont gun show. I had some trouble this morning and locked my keys in my car and well I'm human! It is ok to make mistakes. I saw some familiar faces at the show from some of the vendors. Many were eager to hear how the campaign has gone. I get the pleasure of meeting a lot of veterans. Most of them are from the Vietnam era. Great American heroes all of them who were betrayed by their country's media. We have a family member on the Wall. Great story I may share sometime.

Today my children and wife were placing wreaths at the graves of deceased heroes near home. They enjoy it and I think understand that there lies someone special worth remembering. Not serving in the military might be my own real regret in life. I'd like to think God is asking me to serve others and freedom now. Our two opponents are anything but good for veterans. 20 years in congress, Mooney should be Speaker of the House, solved world hunger, and made government honest but he has done anything but! Check out my new page on this website that highlights all the media stories about my two opponents corruption. I can't believe that this is all bad luck. Mooney pled guilty and paid a fine when he was in Maryland for campaign no-no's. Instead of going to jail he paid a fine. What BS! Remember on the powerful and rich live by their own rules, all us peasants have to live by the law. When I was researching all the corruption on Mooney I thought I was looking at Bill Clinton or some other democrat but no, I'm looking at some rino he keeps using the term conservative and republican. It is like the Princess Bride, he keeps using that word and he doesn't know what it means! No conservative holds office for 20 years unless it is in the military! And he even pretends to be for term limits. What a bunch of BS!

Back to our fallen heroes. As I've mentioned before I often think back on our revolutionary heroes on the battle field and in the winter. Not sure why but that's where God puts my heart. I wonder what it is was like back then tonight sitting around the fire after having run away from the British to fight another day. Not long until the surprise attack at Trenton. Can you imagine being an officer and knowing that if that were to fail you would most certainly be hung for treason and your family either enslaved of murdered?! Oh remember the British Crown is no friend of freedom. I have heard some interesting stories of my Irish ancestors who were in the IRA and fought against the occupation of the crown.

Many veterans I spoke with are afraid of a Chinese invasion from all those folks up in Canada and that is what keeps them laser focused on then 2nd Amendment today. I'm not sure what to think but those movies Red Dawn were great lessons to take in. If you haven't seen them you must!

I'm starting to realize that I'm the only republican running for the US Senate in West Virginia. Justice is 100% a democrat in his blood and Mooney is a corrupt Marylander who needs to go back home (that's coming from a voter today!) I just pray enough people look into all the candidates and not just get sucked into the hollywood style matchup between Justice and Mooney. My new Christmas wish from Santa is for Justice to go to jail for tax fraud and for Mooney to go to jail for campaign fraud. But that's too much to hope for unfortunately. I wish.

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