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Texas Republicans show their Rhino horns!

Take a read on the above article. As a parent school choice is important to me. I've been told so many times how bad our local schools are I can't even count. When we moved here almost a decade ago our landlord at the time said I hope you aren't going to send your kids to the local public schools as they are bad. Fentanyl is real popular in our local high school from what I've seen online. That is scary. Of course you have gangs and guns and sex slave trade as well, that is more of a northern Virginia issue but it has crept even into West Virginia. Our kids aren't safe in school anymore. I was a private school teacher for a year before I got married and it was interesting dealing with the kids then. The language and actions of many of the kids was unbelievable. I saw more of it with broken families from divorce of separation but it wasn't just limited to those sad cases. I really feel for good teachers and the warzone they head into daily. I can't imagine that with my personality how I would deal with those kids. The first day of school I told the older kids that if I caught them bullying I would fail them from my class and they would not be able to attend. That would probably get me fired today.

My wife and I home school. I can't unfortunately do as much as she does but I try when I can to help out when I am home from work. My kids have weekly opportunities to be around other children and be out of the classroom to do fun and new stuff. I'm glad we chose this route and it is a sacrifice that not all can make.

I'm saddened by the article above. It hits minorities and poor the hardest because those children tend to be in failing city schools. Giving those kids a chance at private school or to choose safer and better public schools is what America I thought was all about. But those Rhinos in Texas, they all know better than the parents right? No one is forced to choose a different school under complete school choice freedom but they have the ability to do so. The republican party is failing freedom all over the country and not just education. The democrats left the building decades ago and are a lost cause but the GOP should know better. All that power and money and yet they forget what the people want and need. Shame on them. Term limit them all even if you have to vote good ones out of office.

Any elected official against school choice should be thrown out into the street and tarred and feathered in my humble opinion. That's just my 2 cents for what it is worth.

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