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Social media and 2 Americas

Dear Liberty,

A famous former democrat Senator once said there are 2 America's. One for the rich and elite and the one for everyone else. As I will always keep saying, there is nothing wrong with wealth as long as it is obtained morally. I do believe it is much harder for those who have more money than some countries to truly understand the burdens of the rest of us. I look to my own life at times including during the Covid farse when the world was shut down and can understand what the poor and destitute go through. I was furloughed from my job for several months with very little money in the bank. I had 4 young children at the time and almost no way to earn an income. I was too over qualified for most temporary positions. We joined the food lines as often as was needed.

A few weeks ago when visiting part of WV I saw the familiar food truck that was giving out food to the elderly and poor. It was good to see the locals supporting locals without government intervention. This just reminded me of a story from a husband a wife who own a car repair shop and bar who told me about their experience with the government during covid. Having more than enough they decided to help give of their time and talents to serve others. They were hired to provide school lunches to all the children across several towns. The sad part was that when it was all said and done months later the government came to them and charged them thousands and thousands of dollars of taxes which they could absorb but was not necessary. If government is tax exempt why wouldn't people hired to provide services or food to the poor during a national/state emergency also benefit from a tax exempt status? No, government always wants more and more. It will take and take until there is nothing left. We see that throughout history and even in our own government. About half of every penny we earned we are robbed of from some government tax. I say enough! Tar and feather there tyrants, or better yet - pass term limits on all of them. That would take away their power, their greed, and their crowns. See democrats and liberal republicans believe that mankind needs baby sitting. They believe we can't make the best decisions for ourselves on most things so government must tell us what to do. It doesn't even trust us with our own money as well, heavens knows how scary it would be too big government if we had 30-40% more of our paychecks to spend in a free market or save or invest. That would require government to admit that it is not a good and that freedom is better than government. These liberals want to be the heroes but in reality they only matter in their own warped minds and fake worlds. The rest of us see them for who they really are - tyrants and garbage. How much does a career politician love freedom? I would gather to say not at all but they might try and convince themselves that they are the good guy, that by spending the money on "better" things keeps us from suffering on our money being spent on "worse" things.

I recently asked a supporter on the phone whether or not I was too extreme about my beliefs of our dying freedom in America. That person said to me "you have to understand that the federal government is dead, it is so bad that all you can really try and do if you get elected is to try and stop some of the bleeding." They also said that I would have 2 goals to focus on if elected. Help keep West Virginia from turning into California and stand in the way of further damage to our freedom from the left - both democrats and republicans.

On another matter. I wish I could post several times a day but I often find myself traveling too much and focusing on family when I get home. I decided to get into the digital vlogging world and will try my hand at doing mobile videos while driving to talk to you about my feelings and thoughts on the issues during my campaign. In 3 months this will be all over, wow time flies when the GOP has rigged the primary to really limit time for the voters to get to know their candidates. I highly expect no debates because the state GOP wants to pretend their two terrible candidates as the only ones that matter and they have to be protected from real conservatives like myself. I hope I am wrong and that the state GOP of WV holds debates and keeps their fingers out of this primary. I hope too much as many do that a state GOP would tell bad establishment candidates to retire or take a hike. But that would be a miracle in this case.

I'll be in Charleston tomorrow night for a meet and greet with some other candidates. I plan to bring up the endorsement issue or ask people how long they have been in office. If someone is a career politician I will not hold back and ask why they are better than the rest of us and can't live term limits they might say their support. I can't wait to ask Mooney about that in a debate. Too few people know he has been in office 22 years. Reminds me of Caesar. My kids are learning a lot about that part of history and the same reoccurring theme comes from tyrants like our congressman- no freedom can exist when career politicians rule. Keep that in mind if you are reading this and on the fence.

I want to leave you with this. I plan 2 new things I will bring to the written word. The first is a Declaration of Outrate or Grievances against the federal government and secondly I am composing a poem called "Mr. Big Government please stop taxing me." I hope you will enjoy both.

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