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Meeting the people of Berkeley Springs

Dear Liberty,

It was a long day. We just finished up planning for the next 7 days of travel that include 6 parades and 1-2 days of visiting businesses. I've been to Berkely Springs a few times. It is a beautiful little town in Morgan county. I met and spoke with a lot of great people. I only met one potential democrat who wasn't interested in anything political at her business. That's ok, maybe she is a republican, here's to hoping! I have heard some about the political corruption in West Virginia but today I got an earful! I am very disappointed at the group I heard so much about today. To protect the business owner I spoke with I will not get into specifics except that I promised them if I got elected I would bring as many news reporters with me and demand answers face to face with the corrupt individuals. Yes, they work for the government and we'll leave it at that!

I leave my phone number with business owners and one did call me today but was busy when I called back. Quite a few people were more impressed that I was there in person than the republican ideals I hold. I could find no one I spoke with that had any desire to vote for Justice or Mooney. Sure they could be just saying what I want to hear but these folks are very passionate on their thoughts and feelings. I got to explain school choice to a younger voter today. Mentioning the famous blue/purple thumbs of the Iraqi's had after voting brought about cheers of agreement with several citizens.

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