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Man of Steel, term limits, and more

Dear Liberty,

I love movies. My family and I try for a "movie night" at least once a week. It is a time we can all sit together and watch something family friendly. We usually have dinner together as a family most nights of the week unless I am traveling for work. Tonight we are watching Man of Steel. This is one of my all time favorites. The timeless lessons on freedom and heroism and of course sacrifice have always inspired me to be the best I can. There is a great quote between Superman and his father on Zod's ship that "Clark" was supposed to be the bridge between two worlds. I believe our government was built to be the bridge between a free people and the rest of the world seeking to be free. Instead our government has become our ruler and oppressor. We pay more in taxes now than when we fought the British. Are you OK with this? I am not. And let me ask you this, how does even a half decent republican do any good when he serves as the master not the servant? Anyone who continues to seek office after several terms is not there to make a different but rather to remain part of the club. I'm sure Alex Mooney is a nice guy and he might be a half decent republican but he has become a career spender of our money. He says he has never raised taxes. But if he has ever voted for one of these billion dollar spending bills then he certainly has voted to keep up business as usual. Our freedom is not so previous that he needs to remain in office year after year to do "good." Our government was never designed to do "good," and it is not a Constitutional function or role to do so. I've heard he is a nice guy but even those people were clear he is in their minds - not Senate material. Maybe I am not either, but I think anyone who has never held office is a lot more "senate" material than someone who has been in office for more than 1 term. I think George Washington set the best example that I intend to follow of term limits. He could have been the king of America but decided to be a humble servant of the people.

So what to look for from other candidates that might ok to vote for? If they say anything about doing this and that for us instead of working only to preserve our liberty and freedom and not spend our money then you know this is the wrong person to vote for. Freedom can only exist when leaders serve the people for a short limited time. It must be a reluctant service and not an eager desire to do "good." I'm not sure I would have possibly voted for any bill in the US congress in the last 50 years. SO much pork and waste. I will tell you that some of the intentions of those laws were honorable but not the function of the federal government. If an idea which requires money such as feeding the poor in some remote country or even in a US city has merit then let the people support it with their own money, not through spending our money against our will.

Don't vote for someone because they are a nice guy or who has been just OK in office. Vote as if your very life and freedom depends on it, because it actually does. Everyday we march headlong towards tyranny and not towards more freedom because of what our elected officials have done and continue to do. I will never vote to spend our money unless it is 100% justified in the Constitution and a valid function of government. This might not keep the lights on in DC and I'm OK with that, are you?


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