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Letters To Liberty, a new beginning

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

My dear Liberty,

This is my first of many letters to you. I want to keep you apprised of my travels across West Virginia as I seek to get hired by these wonderful folks here.

This past weekend was my first event. I attended a gun show in Morgantown where I stood at a table for two days. I met and shook hands with hundreds of people. I can tell you my dearest Liberty that the quality of elected officials in West Virginia is not much different than the swamp in many democrat controlled states. I heard very little good about elected republicans. I even had to explain that I am the "Private Sector" republican who holds no office and that I am running for the first time for the US Senate. The excitement of an outsider candidate reminds me of the fourth of July. I've learned more about my two opponents Justice and Mooney in two days then perhaps they know about themselves. I am sure they are both nice men, good fathers or grandfathers, but if I am to believe what I am told, both have lost their ways with careers in politics. These two men are great examples on why I so firmly believe that term limits are much needed as a Constitutional Amendment. I find it hard to desire more than 6 years in the Senate unless the great people of this state would beg me to serve a second term, then I would want and most certainly go home. George Washington so eloquently wrote about the desire to live free but out of public life. I only understand some of the sacrifices that may be asked of me and my family to be a servant for my state, my country of West Virginia. Many great men in America's past wrote that their state was their country. This has stayed with me and made me understand that each of these 50 United States are to be their own experiments in freedom to attract people to move there over another because of more, not less, liberty.

I am sharing a photo or two of this past event and look forward to speaking with more great mountaineers as my campaign continues. I am in a state of hope going forward that I felt each time my wife told me we were expecting another child and when I was a boy of the glee on Christmas morning. I think of you often and your gift to us all that we may live free in a world of tyranny.

All my best,


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