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If you can't lead, lie.

Dear Liberty,

I just saw yet another Big Jim Justice ad on He calls himself an outsider. Well he is an outsider from the America most of us live in. As I often say, I have nothing against people of wealth but they really can't understand the struggles of ordinary Americans. For him to call himself a conservative is no different than these young men in public schools who call themselves women in order to be around young girls in the locker room and in sports. It isn't true but he wants us to believe it. Sadly some of those who see his ads will rejoice in his false claims. My job is to spread the truth and what people around our state really feel. This guy is still and will be until his last breath a democrat. You just don't change your beliefs after 60 plus years of life unless it is religious in nature. I mean anything is possible right? But wouldn't common sense show us that even if Big Jim was a serious republican now that he shouldn't be running for the US Senate. Ok so let's pretend for a minute that he has changed.

This certainly doesn't explain the tens of millions he and his family owe in taxes. Not only this but what about all the money Jim never paid to hard working citizens for work on his properties at the Greenbrier. That alone makes him not worthy of our respect or our vote. Thankfully most of the people who know about this detest the man. Again not for his wealth but for his abuse against us ordinary Americans who have to struggle in the real world.

Ok let's go back to his claim of being an outsider. All you have to do is look at his endorsements from DC swamp rats and rinos. It is not a badge of honor to get these crooked men and women to endorse you, it is a scarlet letter in my opinion! Go back and watch that video in my previous post from the speech that Sam Adam's gave to the Continental Congress. To Big Jim, the ordinary citizen, we are nothing. To the career politicians we are nothing. I will not let the new "crown" of career politicians and rino's pretend to be freedom fighters and outsiders. They are 100% of what is wrong in this country. Don't be fooled. Listen, I may not be the right person to be a US Senator but I can't yet find in my mind what makes you the right candidate except love of freedom and a desire to hold government accountable. Of course term limits support is a must. I know Alex Mooney doesn't think of himself a king like the British but he thinks so little of us ordinary Americans to keep running for office. Or he actually believes that God made him extra special and he is the only person who can do good in that office right now. That isn't the job of a congressman or senator, to do good. It is to protect liberty, and help keep the states from imposing on our freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Don't you want better? This is your chance to vote for someone that isn't hand picked royalty from the DC swamp. Make no mistake the 2 "chosen" candidates are from the two waring liberal big government factions of the republican party. Yet the funny thing is, an honest person wouldn't claim either side as being supportive of conservative ideals. Both sides attack the 2nd amendment, are against term limits, and support the run away spending of American tax dollars for their priorities. Sounds like democrats to be doesn't it?

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