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I find inspiration and hope in music

There are some songs that have touched my very soul in a way that I'm brought to tears, shivers, or sometimes just filled with hope and pride. This song is a great one by Oliver Anthony on taxes and government.

I was speaking with someone the other day about my campaign and I had a vision of Lady Liberty in a slow dance. She was all dressed up beautifully but she was bruised and broken. She was dancing with a well dressed man who represented big government, taxes, and career politicians. She was being whispered to in the ear from this man that it was almost over, that he was going to finish soon what he had begun in destroying her from this world. I saw myself walking up to them and gently cutting in and locking hands and eyes with the monster and saying "Let's dance." I realized that I am going to war with an establishment across West Virginia that wants their chosen republican to win. They even have two candidates to pick from, the governor, and the representative. Either will do in the end because I don't see anything really different from either. They have been republican for about 5 minutes. Weren't they both active democrats until someone told them that they couldn't continue unless they became a republican? I've always believed in freedom and never have I ever been tempted to follow the path of liberalism. I can thank my parents and many family friends for this. Learning common sense will get you half of what it takes to be a conservative. The other half is working hard and raising a family.


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