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How old is too old to run for the US Senate?

Nikki Haley has made age a debatable issue this election. I would have to agree that there is an age past what is reasonable to run for office. So how old is too old? I would say that 65 would be the oldest one should be able to run for the US Senate. We don't need to watch people age in office. We have seen several cases in the last 2-3 years of career politicians aging in office and wasting away. How long before they died did their mental facilities slow? This is a fact of life, we don't live forever. I would be ok with someone being 67 to run for 1 term in the House of Reps and then have to retire. Part of the issue is that some of these career politicians have many staff members who do all the real work. They write the legislation, they read it, and then they tell their boss how to vote. If a piece of legislation is beyond 1-2 pages it is too long. I think every law passed by congress should sunset or expire either each year or after 3 years. That way we can always make sure that any law is still relevant and fair in today's world. I bet if we pilled up all the laws passed by congress the pages would go to the moon and back!

Jim Justice is 72. If he wins, if, he would be 79 when his first term would expire. That is old! He would beyond the average age men live in this country. Should the tax payers take care of elderly elected officials? No. Did you know that Big Jim has lost at least half of his 1 billion dollar wealth since around 2017? I wouldn't do business with someone like that. How many poor decisions did he make is business that lost that much money? He certainly didn't give that 500 million to the people of West Virginia, we wouldn't all be struggling pay check to paycheck if he had. Now he wants to be involved in federal spending? I guess that is the next step in the good ol boys club that he is a member of. He is a rubber stamp for every un-American thing that Mitch McConnell pushes in the Senate.

More thoughts on Mooney. He is about 10 years older than I am. So not too old, just not the right person to be our representative. Let's take the last 10 years where he has been a DC congressman. Shouldn't he be speaker of the house or some powerful congressman that the whole country knows by name and respects? No, he is the average rino swamp guy that votes for all the trillions of dollars in "fake republican" priority spending. Now what is true is that being in the DC swamp for 10 years we can lay at the feet of Mr. Mooney many of the problems that come from government. I'd love to have him put out a detailed report on his spending of our money. How much has gone to other countries. How much has gone to Planned Parenthood, social experiments, increasing the debt, and just a good accounting. I know he voted to send our money to Ukraine. We could have fixed all the problems with Veterans funding with the amount of money he pissed away to this foreign quagmire. Now he wants to have a seat at the big boy table and be told what to do there. I'd be tossing that table and go after everyone with a whip like Jesus did in the Temple. That's what we need, not just another good old boy.

Mr. Mooney thank you for letting Biden and the rinos in DC triple my grocery bill over the last 10 years. Thank you for letting DC shut down our country illegally during the china flu attack on our people. Thank you for increasing our debt so that my great grand children have to pay. Thank you for not being a voice for the tax payer and instead becoming a millionaire over the last 22 years of being an elected official.

Mr. Big Jim Justice, thank you for for letting much of West Virginia's coal go to China. Thank you for my rain/run off taxes. Thank you for for being a king and shutting down my state when china attacked with the flu. Thank you for putting police tape around all the local parks and making me wear a diaper on my face.

On behalf of the voters of West Virginia, you are fired, we'll have our freedom and money back and get rid of you. Thank you very much!

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