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Healing and a surprise call

Dear Liberty,

Viruses are the worst! I've been less than myself for a week now. At least I can eat and talk. For several days I wasn't even able to preform those basic tasks. It is a shame I didn't have a bacterial infection because there is more medical options for that. I thank God though for over all good health I have. I wonder if our bodies will ever really heal from this Chinese flu weapon we all suffered from. Stopping trade with those monsters is the least we can do for what they did to us and the world! Any country that puts religious people into concentration camps and harvests organs for profit is so evil that in the Old Testament, God would probably have erased them from the face of the earth.

Today I received a call from Dr. James Dobson's assistant or someone who works closely with him. It is always nice to talk "shop" with someone for a bit. 90% of the time Dr. D doesn't endorse in the primaries but I do have this good man praying for me and my family. I am hoping to reach that one person who will be the dam that breaks and others get interested and reach out and simply ask "What do you need?" or "How can I help?" We are at the stage of $ being the only barrier to winning. We win by voters learning about us. There is no question if you stack myself up against the two other candidates and money was equal it would be my campaign to lose. We'll see. If you are reading this then you can help. I wish money didn't play any impact in campaigns but it does and I could really use a money tree right about now!

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