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Great American Christmas movie

Dear Liberty,

For years my wife and I were addicted to Hallmark movies like chocolate. However even they too went woke and started promoting things were just didn't want to see outside of an adults private bedroom. We have started watching GAC and tonight I was watching a movie that made me think of rino politicians. The guy who was after the girl and working in a competing business finds out after being offered a promotion that the company he worked for was built on a lie. It made me think of republicans who promise to protect freedom and be a person of the people and turn out to be DC swamp scum. I think after 3 or 4 terms there is no escaping that reality no matter how hard you try. Sure there are different levels of swamp pond, based upon what clique you are a member of. It sure would be nice if none of that existed.

We are fighting the flu and a few other ailments right now. I tend to get hit pretty hard a few times a year. For two days I probably looked like I was at a spa with 2 heating pads and three massage machines working on areas that were in pain. I found a good way to drain my sinuses which has helped a lot but I can't talk, drive, or stay awake for more than a little bit because of the fatigue. I wonder how much the Chinese bioweapon will effect our bodies and illness going forward. I had that horrible bioweapon hit me 3 times that I know of and some of my kids have that lingering cough that just never has gone away like others suffer. We need to stop playing God with bioweapons and focus on healing people and feeding the hungry and making the world a better place not waging war.

More parades coming up for us and then a gun show next weekend. I hope January brings much for us and a good chance to beat these two opponents, for the good of our freedom and our state.

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