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GOP Governor Debate and Joe Biden

Dear Liberty,

I had the pleasure of attending the debate of the top 4 candidates for governor for West Virginia. It was held at a private and gated resort in Raleigh county. It really should have been in a high school gym, auditorium, or a large church with hundreds of locals. It felt like an elite hollywood event. That isn't who most republicans are and what they expect. I hope we do better in the future. I have no idea if there will be a GOP debate for the candidates for the US Senate. If I hear nothing back within the next 2 weeks I am going to reach out to all the campaigns and going to challenge them to a series of 4-5 debates across the state at more practical locations. I'd like the format to be 100% QandA from the audience and not a moderated "safe" set of questions like it will probably be. None of the candidates made mention that our freedom is dying. It really is, this isn't some delusion that some of us have. I will be upfront and honest with the people if I get to debate because the truth is needed. Too many politicians want you to believe in this fairytale that things are ok.

Joe Biden is fading away mentally. We all will get there. Visit Drudge and you'll see some of the evidence from the Special counsel story at the top of the page. I am sorry for his family to watch him go through this. I've taken care of family members who went through this. Regardless of his politics or political party he isn't fit for office. If we elect Jim Justice to the Senate that will happen to us as we see someone who is already 72 and unhealthy slowly deteriorate. I don't think that is fair to free people to experience this when there are plenty of good choices for elected officials.

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