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Fairmont gun show and our first video!

Dear Liberty,

I attended another gun show last weekend in Fairmont. I probably spoke with between 1,000-2,000 people. Another congressional candidate was there and I shared with them the negative responses I was hearing that they had endorsed one of the candidates I am running against. This person I was speaking with said they are really moving away from that because they too are getting lots of negative feedback on that. Apparently our race was brought up at CPAC last week and folks were really not happy with the 2 establishment candidates and my name was brought up as a real alternative! That is encouraging!

At the gun show I spoke at length with a young man of 16 who I believe is the head of high school students for life in West Virginia. He was handing out literature for Alex Mooney. I really challenged this young man on his candidate and let him know that no veteran I've spoken with will vote for this career swamp rat. I also explained that I have over 1000 hours as a prolife sidewalk counselor and that I have done a lot to help save babies and help women over the years. I really kept the focus on term limits though which is where this young man's understanding of liberty and freedom fails him. I brought up Senator Rand Paul as an example of a politician who has held office too long and needs to retire. His response was that we could risk ending up with a Mitch McConnell instead. I said to him, that is the risk we all take in a free society. However term limits would limit the damage of a bad republican. Our freedom is not so fragile that it depends on a very few good elected officials to spend decades in office. Instead of trying to understand that this young kid only wanted to know why I was shooting for the moon instead of starting off with some local race. That is always the last argument of the poorly educated - that the office you are running for is beyond what you deserve. What we deserve is freedom and career politicians are the opposite of that.

I have some great news. We have some new videos to start sharing on social media to voters across the state. Here is my first:

This is my first campaign video for the US Senate.

please watch and share. This is more a raw longer video where people can get to know me better than smaller clips that are meant to draw people here.

I've also come up with a new desire for a phrase to leave people with that love freedom. I believe something like "May you live and die free!" Is a good start on something we can start saying instead of good luck or so long.

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