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Day 3 of 7 of Christmas parades

Dear Liberty,

We are on day three of our Christmas parade Blitz of six parades across the region. I just left home and I stopped at the auto parts store and as usual I introduced myself with a business card from the campaign and ask the gentleman to consider voting for me. I spoke with a great American who was working at the store. He has five children, two sons in the military, one still serving. He is worried about his grandkids and the world we will leave them. If we do nothing they will end up as slaves or servants in a very dark world that is beyond most people's imagination. Most of the time when I speak about freedom and the issues that are most dear to me I can't help but become emotional that when I am finished and by myself I often wipe away a tear or two. If you can't get excited and emotional about freedom then there's nothing I can do to help you. If the idea of living under a monarch or King or Thug doesn't scare you nothing else will. When you hear the word freedom it should squeeze your heart. Tonight we were in Capon Bridge for the Christmas parade. Almost every single person I met has felt the same way most of us do that we need new people in political office. Several folks even brought up the fact that Mooney apparently holds a PO Box in West Virginia but residency in Frederick Maryland. I don't know if that's accurate but I would not be surprised based on the many things I've heard about most DC swamp politicians. Worth investigating.

As I listen to countless stories about how corrupt Alex Mooney and Jim Justice are I can only wonder how their friends and family members put up with it. But then I quickly reminded that those same people probably bask in the joy of money, power, and favors. Remember when there is a king that ruler has very few but very wealthy and powerful friends and family surrounding them. I was told tonight from a new friend how rich and powerful the mother of one of my opponents is. I say bring her on because I'm preparing to put her son into the retirement home of politics forever. I have stated many times that I believe my two opponents are probably decent people and I will still defend that until they personally prove me otherwise. However, neither of them is good for freedom or anyone's wallet. It is such a shame that they played such a good game to have gotten elected so many times. Are you seriously going to make the case to me that Alex Moody was the best we had to put forth 10 elections in a row?

I often hear that there was no one else to vote for. The last time I had that situation I wrote in a candidate that wasn't running. The most depressing thing that I deal with now are elected officials who have decided to endorse already in the primary. I met another of these rinos who was in the Capon Bridge parade. I challenged him on why he did so. He said that Mooney was better than Justice. I said to him I am much better than Mooney so what would he do? Of course nothing. Removing this elected official is the change we need to stop this silly endorsing before a primary is even official. I told this delegate right to his face that he was part of all of this corruption that the people are so fed up with. I also told him I've met and spoken to thousands of people who have incredibly strong opinions against Justice and Mooney and that his endorsement will only hurt his candidate more.

I went on Wikipedia last night and saw the numerous people who decided to endorse Justice or Mooney and each of those folks will receive my highest Rino honor. There are names on there that I thought I respected. In the future, if I were to get elected or to become somewhat of important of note amongst Republicans I will always stay out of primary endorsements. Let the people decide. It says We the People not we the special few. I've begun to understand that even if I do get elected that my once heroes in the Senate maybe nothing but another part of the DC swamp. I'm okay with that. I really never expected anything better, but I did have hope that certain conservatives had a real backbone.

It's a shame that I am in a primary where there are not one or two other good candidates where I would simply be debating with them the other limited function of government. When have you ever seen a republican debate when two candidates are going at each other trying to out Freedom one another?. For example you will never see someone debating that 3% flat tax is simply too high and that a 1% is enough. Why 3% and not 1? I told her that 3% is easy because God asks for 10% tithing by talent, treasure, or time. 5% shows that government is half of what God is and that is unacceptable to me. Years ago when I thought about how big the federal government should be I envisioned three pennies in my pocket. That was just enough it would never be a burden. Any more pennies and you would be hard-pressed to be able to keep track of them just like runaway spending or career politicians. One penny is too little to start with even for most ordinary Americans to take serious. Let me know if you believe a 3% flat tax on only new Goods only is enough in your mind. I believe we should work towards the day when we charge American citizens nothing to have a federal government exist.

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