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Convention of States invite

Dear Liberty,

A few years ago while listening to the Great One- Mark Levin on the radio while traveling for work I heard about a group called the Convention of States. You should look into them. They are an effort to return government to the people and away from the elite. I was contacted by them yesterday and asked to be a speaker at one of their meetings. That is a great honor. I met their leader at a Christmas parade and gave him a piece of our literature. All that time was certainly worth it! I've been told that the teachers who are members will have some tough questions for me about the genderflux fad. To me it's simple. We are born by the grace of God either man, woman, or hermaphrodite. We have all met feminine men and masculine women but that doesn't mean they aren't normal. Sometimes people choose to be not what they are born as. This would be a case of mental illness or delusion. I don't care if you want to do anything odd behind closed doors but when children and society gets involved that is too far. No one should have to be part of your mental illness. No man should pretend to be a woman and compete against women. Women have fought too hard for equality in so many important areas to have a couple of weirdos take advantage of them. Mostly it is unfair for women but there are certainly areas where the women are stronger and tougher then most men because they had to be as part of the culture. That of course isn't the norm. Schools should not have to be concessions for children who should be in a mental health facility. Instead we have to teach everyone tolerance to accept children who want to pretend they are cats or the opposite or no gender at all.

On another note, today I am mailing in my paperwork to get on the ballot for the election. Very exciting! We will also start digital marketing this week or next to help raise money and get our name out. I have a gun show this weekend and will be visiting businesses again once more this week before I travel. Next week should be more of meeting business owners across the state.

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