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Club for Growth another rhino DC swamp group

Dear Liberty,

I wasn't sure how much I would go after my opponents in the primary but it is quite clear to me speaking to people across the region that they want me to do so in a professional but strong way! So Alex Mooney, let's talk about this career politician. It is sad that I dislike him so much because he has voted for many good positions. However he has been an elected official for almost 20 years! This is the definition of a DC swamp monster. How many lobbying groups does he own support to? What is even worse is that Mr. Mooney received the endorsement from the Club for Growth. This is a group that on their own website says they support term limits on members of congress and then go around and endorse career politicians like Alex Mooney. This is just another reason to not cast your vote for Mooney. If Justice wasn't such a rhino he would be the guy to support because he hasn't been a career politician. Big Jim just was a democrat helping them destroy our state when I was younger and walking door to door to promote republicans. Sure people can change but not in their 60's and 70's on their political views. It is possible and that is between you and your maker but I've always been pro-life.

This is a slam dunk issue for republicans in our state on the real choice they have this coming election. Either a rhino, a career politician, or an outsider who has worked for the last 20 years in the private sector, not in DC!


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