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Christmas in Keyser

Dear Liberty,

We went to the Romney and Keyser Christmas parades last week. We've been fighting a vicious virus since then, I hope to be 100% by the gun show this weekend! I ran into a woman in Keyser who shared her current troubles with me. She lives in lower income housing and the heat is not being repaired by the company. She ran after me when she started to read my little rack card and said if I were to help her I would get her vote so I listened. I can't recall the company but they aren't doing their job and no one is picking up the phone. I told her that this would be an issue where a state elected official would help and that because I wasn't a US Senator yet I could only do so much. I begged her to call the campaigns for governor in the morning and see what they could do for her. I told her to personally call me and that I would put her in touch with at least the St. Vincent de Paul society for help. I haven't heard from her so I am hoping she listened and received assistance. At the Romney parade I saw one of the Moo-ney rino's running for delegate. Had I a voice I would have booed the guy for supporting DC swamp rats but I've got a swollen throat and can't really talk much yet. It's interesting to rely solely on your inner voice. Speaking of which that apparently is only in a minority of the population and not everyone has that. I heard that this year, but you know, - trust only half of what you read or hear right?

Another rainy rotten day but the Christmas tree came in and the kids are getting excited about decorating the Jesse Tree ornaments. We've been watching either Hallmark or Great American movies of the season. I can tell a distinct video angle difference between the 2 companies. I hope to get better asap so I can start visiting businesses again. Only so many days left before primary day and for me to have a chance I gave to get out there a whole lot!

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