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Career politicians vision for America

Dear Liberty,

Those pesky career politicians always say we've come to far or they want to share their vision of American or West Virginia with you. We need those people to understand we need to do be a protector of freedom and not change anything in their image. They are not GOD. That power and money corrupts the heart of even good men. I'm starting to understand more and more that even the republican party in WV is filled with career selfish people who are not good for freedom. They don't really understand the awesome gift of liberty nor do they know that we must treat her as softly as a bird and let her fly without our help. Freedom does just wonderfully without our limiting what she can do. So Mr. Mooney is holding another expensive fundraiser at $2,000 a ticket. He has millions already from swamp groups but wants more of our money, probably so he can buy more Starbucks. Don't believe me? Google it! This guy has been investigated more times than Bill Clinton it seems. Instead of cheating in the white house Mooney takes campaign money and uses it illegally. He has never been found innocent, the investigation just goes away it seems. And this joker is the best we can do to represent us in Washington DC? No, no no way jose!

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