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Career politicians just can't give up power

Dear Liberty,

I received that monthly annoying robo call invite by Congressman Alex Mooney again today. As little as I like listening to him I decided to hear some of what he was saying. I am glad he did. So after taking credit for all this stuff he talked a bit about the border and that his solution was to hire some more border patrol guards. He thinks it is so important that he will attach this issue to any legislation creating more government pork. Perhaps he and his crew can't lead on this issue and need to be replaced by people who will be more successful. He also said it was so important to handle quickly because other countries "need money." And that we have to get border security done so we can spend more money elsewhere. He really is one of the worst republican candidates in the country for any office. I couldn't stand any more so I simply hung up and my blood pressure dropped by about half. I was talking to a doctor the other day who is involved in the GOP and he said he met Mooney 3 weeks ago and he looks very unhealthy, almost as bad as Justice. So we have two candidates who look like they could drop dead from a heart attack at anytime and then me, I am not super skinny but I work out almost daily and I'm in good shape. I can't run a marathon but I can walk 10 miles without dying and well that should be an important personal issue you look at. I'm all for folks who have disabilities running for office but obesity... that doesn't cut it for me. With West Virginia being the fattest state in the country we need someone to set an example that you don't need to look like Santa Claus to be a public servant and that we want folks who will live throughout their term! Just my two cents!

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