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Alex Mooney's Phone Town Hall

Do you get this call once or twice a month from Mr. Mooney? I personally want to know how they got my personal cell phone number from Pennsylvania.

Ok some responses on Mr. Mooney's call-

So sometimes Mooney votes for continuing resolutions but not always. This means he has voted in the past for big government but not always. I would have been 100% no.

We need $11k more a year to pay for simple things since Biden has taken office. How about the data once Alex and his buddies shut down our country under Covid when we were forced to wear face diapers? I'd like to know those numbers.

Alex wants to impeach the director of Homeland Security. That isn't the root of the problem, Biden is. Do you really think the president isn't involved in this and shouldn't be the one that is impeached? Let's say we get rid of this director, the next one won't be any different. We will still have millions of illegals come in each year.

What I don't hear from Alex is support for deportation of ALL illegals. If we don't seek that as our final goal then nothing else matters.

Alex, if you believed that Biden was really breaking the law you would be talking impeachment every day and working to shutdown the government until that happened.

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