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A pledge and promise to the people

Dear Liberty,

Today I am on record supporting Term Limits of 2 terms as a US Senator and 3 as a member of the House. If I were to be elected I will hold true to this promise.

I spoke with a fellow mountaineer who is a business owner for about 30 minutes today. I had met him yesterday briefly when going through the town going to each small business that was open. This American veteran and business owner wanted to know what plan I had for term limits and possibly reducing or eliminating the income tax. Constitutional amendments can be passed by the states or by congress and then the states. It may be political suicide but it is the right thing to fight for. I know most if not all of us have been betrayed by career politicians and trust no one running for office anymore. I can't tell you how upset and angry I am personally but I am right there with you. I told this gentleman that I am so angry that there are 2 options - go shoot a bunch of politicians or run for office. I don't want to go to jail and believe we can get rid of the bums the right way. The 2nd Amendment is there if it is ever really needed to save our liberty from tyranny. This is no joke and I'm a very serious person. I am glad our founders talked about and made sure we had an ability to save the ship. I am not promoting violence so don't go there. I'll let you know very clearly and loudly if that day is ever to come. Remember Rush Limbaugh promised us he would tell us when that day came. He has gone into the sunset but there are many of his students who live on.

I keep hearing about that there is no hope for anyone not to be sucked into the DC swamp and become just another leach and rhino in the system. I know the swamp eats hopes and good intentions for lunch every day. I can only promise I will fight for limited government.

Remember in the movie The Two Towers this clip:

The fortress represents our freedom. So many people believe it has too late to turn the tide back to liberty. Let's ride out together, you and I and meet this rhinos and career politicians head on. I believe we will find enough good people left in this state that will vote against two horrific choices that are very bad for freedom. To those people who read this that have been betrayed by bad politicians who promised much and went back on their word, I hear you. I will fight for you. I don't have all the answers but I know that government is not the answer and a billionaire corrupt politician and a congressman who has held 10 terms in DC are not the answer for any of us. Don't give up hope yet. I'll keep working hard to give people a better choice but you have to help get the word out as well. Believe in freedom not government. My inbox is always open if you'd like to send a message or ask a question. You as an individual voter can be the hero of this story by electing officials who will bring integrity back to their offices and hold to their oaths on the Constitution. This precious freedom is all we have, there is no safe place to escape to on this earth. Stop bitching and start doing something about the problem by voting for better candidates and not settling on the lesser of evils. Don't not vote either, that helps no one. Help me retire these two rhinos into history.

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