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11/14/23, The Hobbit, Hope against Hope

Dear Liberty,

Yesterday was a sad day. My family learned that a new mother we are close with is losing her preborn baby to miscarriage. Thankfully, she has several born children. As a man, I will never understand the joy and sorrow of the gift of childbirth and pregnancy. All I can ever do is support those heroic women who choose life.

As I traveled out of town for a regular work convention, I listened to The Hobbit movies. If you have never seen these movies I would make it a life goal as soon as possible. There are so many amazing life lessons and very real comparisons to the real world in these stories. One line stood out amongst many great ones. To "hope against all hope." Our Founding Fathers must have been filled with this emotion daily. I often think of the courageous men on the Revolutionary War battlefield against the British. In so many times must they have sat there in the cold, damp wilderness wondering if it were beyond imagination to win their freedom. You and I have a sacred duty today to bring back the freedoms these people died for and protect them forever against tyranny.

Just as freedom fighters brought open war to the British I will bring that energy to fight against the rhino establishment candidates. The frustration they bring me fills up my energy tank and makes this even more fun when talking with people. This campaign isn't about choice A or B but is about the very soul of freedom. If you are reading this I am calling on you to fulfill your oath to the Constitution and liberty and vote against tyranny and those who seek to destroy everything we hold dear even through apathy and slow decay.

All my best,


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