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In the matter of freedom or tyranny 
(oppression by government)

we have only 1 of 4 roles to play

The Bystanders

The first and perhaps the most dangerous is the bystander. There are those among us who benefit from not choosing sides in the fight for freedom. They care more about gold than liberty. Bystanders are often the majority. Some of them will not speak up because they are afraid of losing their reputation. They are afraid of being attacked, or even losing their lives. 

(Think of the average German in the 1940s.)

The Victims

Then there are the victims of tyranny. These people have little choice in the matter. Today it is the taxpayer citizen who is at the mercy of career politicians and the rich elite. 

The Oppressors

The oppressors are the career politicians who won't say “no” to running for office again and again, and who think to themselves that “as long as I keep being elected, it is the will of the people." They can also be the unelected members of 3-letter government agencies (e.g., CDC, IRS,EPA) who set policies that the victims must live by. The rich elite also fall into this group. They can't possibly

understand or may simply not care about the daily struggles of the average citizen.

The Defender patriots

Finally we have the defender, the patriots. These few live by a code of sacred duty and honor to God and their fellow man. These people will do whatever is asked of them to make sure others may live free. 


The question is...

Who do you want to be?

Will you support the rich elite and powerful? Will you vote for the career politician and slowly squeeze the little life that is left of our freedom? Or will you stand up and become a patriot? Ever since John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence the free people of this nation have been at war with the rest of the world and the normal order of obedience to the crown and tyrants. 


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